Deepak Adhikari
Deepak Adhikari
Actor • 25 December 1982 • 185 CM

Dev was born on 25 December 1982, in Mahisha, a small village near Keshpur, to Gurudas Adhikari and Mousumi Adhikari. His father used to have a food-catering service and his mother is a housewife. His nickname is Raju. He spent his childhood living with his maternal uncle in Chandrakona and his sister, Deepali. Later in his childhood, he moved to Mumbai and attended Purushottam High School in Bandra, where he was a good student. His sister, Deepali Adhikari, was married on 9 August 2015 to Anirban.[8] He also did an acting course at the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Academy.[1] In an interview with The Times of India, Dev recalled that when his school was closed for summer, he went to the outdoors of Prahaar: The Final Attack with his father, where Nana Patekar was shooting. He described it as more of a family vacation for them and work didn't feel like work. As a child, that was the first time he got a taste of cinema. Though that was his first, life continued to be the same for the next couple of years. The family was based in Mumbai and Dev would often accompany his father to the sets of Abbas–Mustan and Prakash Jha, among several others. There were times when his father would keep busy with other things and he had to chip in. Though he couldn't cook, he would do the groceries and supervise on his father's behalf. He also said there were times when he washed plates and served food. After receiving his diploma from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth University, in Pune, in Computer Engineering, Dev returned to Mumbai and started his film career as an observer on the set of Abbas–Mustan's Taarzan: The Wonder Car.[9] Dev is in a relationship with fellow actress Rukmini Maitra.[10]


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